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Sean Harkness


“What strikes me about Sean is his absolute love of music… each experience in recording seems to be inspired and meaningful. Music is Sean’s sandbox: He’s just all-in and consistently so.”  -WILL ACKERMAN

“Man, you really bring it!” -WILL LEE

“There is probably nothing on the guitar that Sean Harkness can’t play with ease. He blew me away the first time I heard him, and has only gotten better since then. Plus, he’s a great guy!” – TUCK ANDRESS

“Sean is a great friend and an even better guitar player” -JON BON JOVI

“Sean plays with great passion and individuality. He’s everything you hope for in a musician.”  -LUCY ARNAZ

“Harkness gives full expression to the mood of the moment.” -NEW YORK TIMES

“Sean is a technical virtuoso who’s Joe Pass / Tommy Emmanuel fingerstyle approach is always in service to telling a story or creating a feeling within the song; he transcends many genres and can touch listeners of many backgrounds.” -JAZZ INSIDE NEW YORK

“Making full use of his flowing arpeggios, powerful strumming and crystal clear harmonics, Sean creates a variety of sound with one acoustic guitar, which clearly shows his rich musicality and world-class ability of expression.” -JAZZLIFE MAGAZINE JAPAN