This post will attempt to catch up with the activities that have kept me busy since my last entry of the same nature.  The Bistro and MAC Awards will have their own entry, H2 Duo has its own, Walden gets an article, Read More
Last year we recorded Flights: Volume 1 and had an extremely good response from the small distribution we were able to do ourselves.  Now we are thrilled to be part of the Opening Day family along with Canadian Read More
At home in New York City, guitarist Sean Harkness recently garnered the Outstanding Instrumentalist of 2011 Backstage Bistro Award, and a MAC Award for his New York solo shows. In addition to featuring Sean on the Read More
For many years I played almost every night – sometimes two and three events in a day – with a bar band from Vermont.  Quite a few of them, actually, but one band in particular called Zero Gravity was my Read More
Sunday, February 6 Sitting here at Singer’s Forum on 24th st waiting for Elizabeth and Michael to come in. We were supposed to have a rehearsal and a show last week, both of which were canceled due to a Read More
Sunday afternoon, somewhere in New Jersey… The Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center just started a concert series called Music At The Mansion.  When they asked me to be one of the artists I jumped at the Read More
The Utopia Diner on Broadway at 72nd is a great place to come in out of the cold.  It’s Friday evening, and the streets are crowded with people.  They are also very difficult to navigate with the huge piles of Read More
1/27/2011 Since I got this iPad for Christmas I’ll put it to good use and compose blog entries while traveling. It seems to be the only time I have left for that… Here I am on the C train from World Read More