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Walden B1 Baritone Acoustic

The more I play this guitar, the more it just tickles me from the inside.  The big warm sound radiates from the wood with such a silky glow that it sparks an uncontrollable giggle.  Walden’s “boutique for less” approach hit it again!   Instrument specifications:       Body Shape:                          Walden Grand […]

H2 News: NYC Show, Reviews, Christmas Release

H2 will be performing at Iridium Jazz Club in NYC this coming Tuesday the 6th at 9:00pm EDT.  We are anticipating a very good turnout, so reservations could be a good idea: 1(212) 582-2121 And here’s a link to the live internet streaming for those in faraway places [anywhere not within a two hour drive […]

Bistro and MAC Awards 2011

Bistro and MAC Awards 2011 Phil Ramone shook my hand as he walked off the stage with Dionne Warwick.  Someone handed me a thick glass tile… …with the words: BISTRO AWARDS 2011 Outstanding Achievement SEAN HARKNESS INSTRUMENTALIST …etched into it from the back. I walked up to the microphone.  As the applause died down I […]

April – May 2011 Gigs

This post will attempt to catch up with the activities that have kept me busy since my last entry of the same nature.  The Bistro and MAC Awards will have their own entry, H2 Duo has its own, Walden gets an article, the New York Times article will post separately, and I must post a […]


H2 in May

Last year we recorded Flights: Volume 1 and had an extremely good response from the small distribution we were able to do ourselves.  Now we are thrilled to be part of the Opening Day family along with Canadian Brass, David Braid, and many other great artists.  ODEG will be releasing Flights on their label this […]