Artist Highlights:


  • Headlined Iridium Jazz Club on Broadway in Times Square (Les Paul’s old stomping ground)
  • Headlined PACs in Troy, NY; Grayslake, and Batavia, IL with fellow Windham Hill artists Liz Story and Barbara Higbie
  • Represented Running Dog Guitars at the Woodstock Luthiers Open Invitational Showcase


  • Harkness-Herriott Duo headlined at New York City’s Birdland Jazz Club three times; Rochester Jazz Festival; Toronto’s Jazz Bistro and Kichener-Waterloo, ON Jazz Cafe
  • Harkness-Herman DUET project released debut CD on Miranda Music; packed NYC’s prestigious SubCulture to standing ovations and rave reviews

as Featured Guest Artist:

  • Performed with Sting at Sally Ann Triplett’s show at New York’s 54 Below
  • Show closing number at Ann Hampton Callaway’s celebration of Woman Songwriters at 54 Below
  • From CD to stage – Pete Seeger: Storm King workshopped shows regionally in the Northeast
  • Joined superstar Julie Budd numerous times at Metropolitan Room
  • Performed with Christine Andreas for Rex Reed’s tribute To Polly Bergen at AA Theatre
  • Performed in duet with both Karen Kohler and Karen Oberlin at the Cabaret Convention at New York City’s Town Hall Theatre
  • Sole accompanist, downstage center for the company closing number of Scott Siegel’s Broadway By The Year presentation “1966-1990”
  • Joined Doris Dear in the Rumpus Room…

There was this magical afternoon spent with Bucky Pizzarelli in his living room:

with Bucky Pizzarelli

photo: Taka Harkness

Raw numbers:

182 shows,

149 rehearsals,

21 recording sessions,

and 5 radio shows –

in 73 different venues with 66 different artists.

at Symphony Space

photo: Sharron Crocker

The Feed:

January: The Metropolitan Room hosted the Guinness Book Of World Records-winning “Longest Continuous Cabaret Show”, in which I performed with Joanne Tatham, Stephen Hanks, Dawn Derow, Karen Oberlin, and Solo. Had another lovely dinner with Blues legend Jon Hammond and his wife. KJ Denhert had me on the early show at 55 Bar; Robyn Spangler and Joanne Tatham [with Tamir Hendelmann!] came in from L.A. for shows at Metropolitan Room and Birdland, respectively. H2 took over Toronto and K-W; then Jeff Haynes, Richie Stearns, Sarah Milanovich, Timothy Hill and I hit World Stage in Wilmington with the Pete Seeger: Storm King project; made it home just in time to play the Beechman theatre with Carolyn Montgomery Forant.

February: groovy new Greenwich Village club Carroll Place had me up with Dawn Derow; then a 5 day run of Lyrics & Lyricists at 92nd Street Y. More Storm King in Long Island; recording at Kaz Noda‘s with Karen Oberlin of a David Hajdu song; then up to Milford, PA for a show with Ronny Whyte. Tanya Moberly had me as sole accompanist [on baritone guitar!] for a series of shows at Don’t Tell Mama; and Sara Kimball had Rick Jensen and I back her Demon Lover show at same. Dawn Derow and Kathleen France‘s Revolution debuted at the Duplex; and gave Karen Oberlin and I an award at Joe’s Pub [where Ray Marchica shared his award spot with me and John Burr].

March: John Kaprowski had me in his band; OLC School in Jersey City had me do a solo set at their annual benefit; Carolyn Montgomery hit the Beechman again; and Sam Glaser took me to Allentown, PA. More Revolution; a radio show [solo!] at WRHU in Long Island; Kevin Dozier at the MetRoom; and more Storm King in Oswego, NY. Rex Reed had Christine Andreas and I pay tribute to Polly Bergen at AA Theatre; then on to the MAC Awards. Celia Berk lit up the MetRoom; and I gave a rare solo show at Room 53.

April: Larry Kerchner recorded some new tunes; some Chinese client had me record guitar tracks at Kaleidoscope Studios with Randy Crafton; and Easter brought out my trio for a brunch at Botello’s [Jeff Ganz, __]. Marcus Simeone and I recorded; Kevin Dozier and Carolyn Montgomery reprised; Todd Murray’s Croon hit the Rrazz Room in New Hope, PA, then Birdland Jazz Club in NYC. Spencer Chandler recorded at Terminus with Shawn Pelton, Skip Ward, and I; then Craig Taubman took me to Chicago again. Dawn Derow and I hit Carroll Place; Noctambulo with Martha Lorin; Tycoon Dog kicked off the outdoor season at Maplewood Park; and Abigail Rockwell debuted at MetRoom.

May: Ian Herman and I started off the month with what was above and beyond the greatest performance of 2015 for me: DUET at Subculture. Victoria Edwards brought me to Montclair, NJ; Julie Budd featured me twice at MetRoom; and Mark Goodman entrusted me to guitar chores on a Cap21 run of Footloose. Carolyn Montgomery had me record a Jeff Cubeta joint, then play at Beechman; Tycoon Dog hit Central Park Bandshell, and both Washington and Tompkins Squares; Kevin Dozier sang more at MetRoom, and Stephen Hanks had me lead the band for him at Union Temple, Brooklyn. Urban Stages had me entertain their VIPs at Central Park’s Boathouse; Concerts For City Greens kicked off the season at Tudor City; and 54 Below packed them in for an evening featuring the works of Alex Rybeck with Yours Truly in the band. Storm King celebrated Pete Seeger’s birthday at Towne Crier in Beacon, NY; Larry Kerchner wowed at Birdland; Ronny Whyte had me at Noctambulo; and Harkness Herriott Jazz Duo headlined at Birdland Jazz Club.

green tie

photo: Taka Harkness

June: Renowned artist Kenneth Hari had me sit for a portrait painting; Martha Lorin put me together with dazzling guitarist Sheryl Bailey; Karen Oberlin debuted her Elvis Costello show at Stage 72; Tanya Moberly reprised our Duo at DTM’s; Susan Lambert seduced the crowd at Rockwood Stage III; Ian Herman and I played a piece at MetRoom Honors the Music Directors; Joanne Tatham and I duo-ed at Noctambulo; and Stephen Hanks returned to DTM’s. Herriott and I played two packed shows at the Rochester Int’l Jazz Festival; Jillian Laurain wowed the MetRoom; Revolution returned to Duplex; Tycoon Dog rocked Washington Square again; and Australia’s uber-guitar hero Adam Miller had me up for a couple numbers at his showcase/clinic at Rudy’s SoHo.

July: More Revolution, more Tycoon Dog, more Karen Oberlin’s Elvis, more City Greens concert, more sitting for a portrait; Doris Dear brought me up for a song; Bob Held brought me in to record with rising star Kate Yeager; Dan Archer came all the way to my house to play guitars [schwing!]; and Daryl Glen trusted me with his songs at 54 Below. Vince Martell [of Vanilla Fudge fame] and I did a joint concert in Wurtsboro, NY; Audrey Bernstein cam down from Vermont for a show at Rockwood III; Scott Morgan and I began conspiring jazz vocals; Todd Murray and I celebrated Stuart Moulton‘s big b’day with a couple songs at 54 Below; WRHU had me back; Bobby Horowitz had me at MetRoom; Alyssa Sequoia had me record with her, Etienne Stadwijk, and Bakithi Kumalo; and Cantor Irena used me as accompanist for shabbat service at Temple Israel.

August: Martha Lorin celebrated Duke Ellington in Marshall’s Creek, PA; Nina Hennessey and Ray Marchica featured me at Birdland Jazz Party; Chip Wilson came up from New Orleans and we played a club in Saratoga, NY in trio with Tony Markellis; Ian Herman and I co-hosted Salon at Etc, Etc; Kate Yeager recorded some GREAT tracks; then Mark Stuart had me in the band for run of his life-changing show Standard Time in Lancaster, PA. Bluesy harp/vocalist Je Conte set up a weekend of shows for the two of us on Nantucket island; and then Taka and I went to New Orleans with Brian Camelio to record a new CD with Chip Wilson.

September: Abigail Rockwell and I hit MetRoom again; Miranda Music had me record for their new Holiday CD; Scott Morgan debuted his trio at Why Not? Jazz Room; Julie Budd hit MetRoom again; Colm Reilly recorded at Julliard; then Craig Taubman flew us out to Los Angeles for the High Holidays at his multi-faith house of worship the Pico Union Project. Joanne Tatham and I duo-ed at the Gardenia while out there. Back in time for Danielle Matrow at MetRoom; Karen Oberlin at Stage 72; Storm King in Newburg, NY; Tycoon Dog in Tompkins Square; and some Harkness-Herriott debauchery in Manhattan.

October: Tycoon Dog rocked Turtleback Zoo, and Tompkins Square; Roberta Lawrence and I recorded a lovely duet; Ronny Whyte and I played MidDay Jazz with Boots Maleson; KJ Denhert returned to 55 Bar; Aimee Allen and I tried really hard to cut through the din at Cafe du Soleil; Croon returned to 802 hall and MetRoom; two of my Karens: Oberlin and Kohler shared their stage with me at Town Hall for the Cabaret Convention, as did Allan Harris; Mimi Jones and I hit it again; Je Conte came to NYC to record at Al Hemberger‘s The Loft Studio in Bronxville and perform; Julie Budd had more MetRoom; Rick Davis brought me up to Woodstock, NY to show off his Running Dog Guitars; Lisa Jason graced the MetRoom; H2 rocked Birdland again; Carolyn Montgomery rocked Beechman again; and Al DiMarco came up from South Carolina to do a show with Sandra Piller at MetRoom.

November: Kelli Rabke dazzled at MetRoom; Croon rode again at MetRoom; Martha Lorin, Saadi Zain and I started a spankin’ trio run at Noctambulo; John Phillips absolutely nailed it at Duplex and put me together with Caleb Quaye [Elton John’s guitarist!] in the process [kudos!]; Tanya Moberly and I closed our run at DTM’s; KJ Denhert‘s reign continues at 55 Bar; Ron Abel had me in the band for Jamie DeRoy’s 25 Anniversary Show; Iridium Jazz Club featured me as a solo headliner; Stephen Hanks concluded his DTM run. Craig Taubman came out with Jeff Stern and Leo Chelyapov from L.A. for a run of seven East Coast shows [I rented and drove the van, rented and ran sound from the stage, played bass, guitar, and backing vocals]; Dawn Derow turned 40 with a rockin’ stage party at Carroll Place; Miranda Music celebrated the release of the new Holiday CD; then Thanksgiving weekend started a run of Winter Solstice shows with Liz Story and Barbara Higbie.

December: Martha Lorin, Saadi Zain, and I continued our three-way at Noctambulo as well as a MidDay Jazz show; Craig Taubman flew me to Chicago again; more Winter Solstice shows with Liz and Barb; Marcus Goldhaber brought me down to Wilmington, DE for a show at New World Stage – front room this time [with AMAZING young drummer Riccardo Belletta – look out!]; Elynn Diamond featured me solo and in the band for the Luigi: a Tribute at Symphony Space; Je Conte came back for more recording; and Celia Berk broke ground on her new CD; then Taka and I closed it all off with a visit to the Monk.

A deep bow to all who support my efforts as an artist. My heartfelt thanks to all who entrust their artistic projects and endeavors to me. It is always an honor to be included.

Happy 2016!


beloved Saba san...

photo: Taka Harkness

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