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Sean Harkness and Mike Herriott once again bring you their unique blend of jazz guitar and flugel horn in an Award-Winning* collection of Christmas favorites.
“Home for the Holidays brings so much to the table beyond holiday evocation… I daresay it could find a home in CD players, iPods, etc. during non-holiday time.  The mind may say “December”, but appreciative ears know no season”
Rob Lester, TalkinBroadway.com


~liner text~

Time-honoured music associated with the holiday season has the almost magical ability to transport listeners beyond their thoughts…into a world of reminiscence, nostalgia, feeling, and emotion.

For H2, exploring this music that is not typically approached in the jazz genre presents real challenges, with keeping melodies recognizable being paramount.  The creative process starts with finding a rhythmic basis for each song, followed by choices of harmony, melodic explorations, and where best for the music to be written out or improvised.  But most importantly for H2’s Mike & Sean, the artistic experience has to be fun.

it is H2’s hope that Home for the Holidays will become a valued part of their friends’ and fans’ holiday season.  And they wish to remind everyone that, as their cover art depicts, HOME can be anywhere so long as you’re with good company!

H2 thanks Taka, Chuck H, Chuck D, MB, Joe & Matt at ODEG, Mark Miller, Randall Bruce Plourde at Evergreen of Vermont.


US:    /    Canada: 1.647.888.6707


Mike Herriott plays a Yamaha YFH 8310Z Flugelhorn with a custom “Herriott”
signature line Wedge Mouthpiece.

Sean Harkness plays a Wilson Nouvelle Oval hand-carved arch top guitar
and the Walden 1012e-sh 12-string acoustic guitar


H2 – Mike Herriott & Sean Harkness, Co-Producers
Recorded by Ron Allaire, and Mike Herriott (track 6),
Doghouse Studio, Ontario
Mixed by Ron Allaire
Mastered by Chris Muth
Baby Jack Design Studio, graphics design & layout
Joseph S. Szurly, concept & package coordinator
Janina Laughton, project manager
Photos by Chuck Herriott

All selections public domain except:
track 4 P 1966 Lee Mendelson Film Productions Inc.,
track 5 P 1954 Roncom Music Corp.

All arrangements by H2, Sean Harkness & Mike Herriott except:
track 6 P 2011 Herriott Music SOCAN,
track 8 P 2011 Sean Harkness Music BMI


Mike Herriott and Sean Harkness met in Japan while touring a show. Six weeks of traveling together and absorbing the country and the culture, they took advantage of many opportunities to explore music outside of the show they were touring.

A friendship grew and a musical bond developed. This collection of music is the second recorded exploration of arrangement ideas, combining Sean’s guitar and Mike’s flugelhorn.

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