H2 will be performing at Iridium Jazz Club in NYC this coming Tuesday the 6th at 9:00pm EDT.  We are anticipating a very good turnout, so reservations could be a good idea:

1(212) 582-2121

And here’s a link to the live internet streaming for those in faraway places [anywhere not within a two hour drive of New York City…]:


You can go there at 9:00pm EDT on Tuesday and somewhere right around that time they’ll start a live broadcast of the show.  You can comment with a live moderator in the room, ask us questions, have us say something to your friend’s cousin’s neighbor’s old college roommate in Auckland, New Zealand, go crazy!

Our last show as a duo was in St. John’s, Newfoundland as part of their Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues Festival.  We gave a clinic in the afternoon, a concert in the evening, and a couple days later I was ‘Screeched In’ as an honourary Newfoundlander (an honour I don’t take at all lightly.  It was an inexplicable ritual, but completely entertaining.  And yes, I spelled honour with a ‘u’ on purpose.  Part of the title….).  All in all it was a wonderful journey to the Far Northeast of the continent.  Great people up there, and the music was well received.  More about that in another post…

* * *

H2 now has a new home in the Music Industry with the prestigious Opening Day Entertainment Group label.  [We’ll call them ODEG from now on.  That’s a lot of letters to type.  Honourary Newfie or not, I’m still a lazy American.  And a guitarist.  Apologies….]

Anyhow, ODEG has grand designs for us, including the release of ‘Home For The Holidays’ this coming October 12th.  H4TH [more lazy anagrams, sorry.  It’s the tendonitis, really…] is twelve holiday favourites you will all recognize, just presented the only way we know how: not quite what you’d expect…  We hope you love it.  We had a complete blast making it.  In the summer.  How do you think I felt about walking around in the scalding sun and humidity quietly humming ‘It Came Upon A Midnight Clear’ to myself all day?  Sheesh.  It better be good…

They have a new page up for us here:

And of course HERE:

Be the first to write a customer review HERE:

And if you like the samples you hear in the breakaway music player on my home page, you can download the CD or individual tunes HERE:

* * *

Here’s a wonderful review we just found of our first CD ‘Flights Volume One’:

They misspelled Mike’s last name, but the reviewer seemed to understand what it is we do.  He describes it well.  Favorably, which we like, but accurately.

Here’s a video we did while making the last recording: Flights Volume 1:


And here’s a page we assembled last fall of some of our favorite pull quotes and factoids so far:

H2 selected press 112010

and the press release:

Press Release – H2 FLIGHTS VOL I

And for those that may need them, here’s a ZIP file with our stock photos:


Thanks for reading along!  Please comment, connect, message us, email, call, come to the show and buy us a drink, share on FB, Tweet…; and we will look forward to making more music for you very soon!




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